Sunday, March 2, 2014

February 2014 Dividend Income Update

Antoher month gone, another dividend update, my favorite type of post. It shows you the cold, hard cash a dividend portfolio can produce. I added some Coca-Cola beginning this month. Only a few weeks later the Board announced a healthy increase in the dividend! Long term shareholders of great businesses get rewarded with a dividend raise.

Without further ado, the dividends for February 2014:

Dividends Received

  • GIS: $14.06
  • T: $17.48
  • MA: $3.30
  • ABBV: $8.00
  • ABT: $4.40
  • PG: $10.83
  • KMI: $34.03
Total dividend income for February: $92.10

I set my dividend goal for 2014 at $1500. So far I'm 12.9% of the way there, my progress is tracked here.

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  1. Great stuff. I think you will pass you goal. good luck

    1. FFdividend,

      I sure hope so! Thanks for stopping by.

      Best wishes