Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Latest Buy: KO

The stock market is having a nice pullback! Coca-Cola hit a 3% dividend yield, I couldn't pass that up. Better yet, this month Coca-Cola will announce a dividend raise, just like it did the last 51 years.

Today's buy:

  • 40 Shares KO @ $37.31

This purchase will add $44.80 to my yearly income. This is based on the $0.28 dividend KO pays every quarter, but like I said, they will announce a raise very soon. My total position in Coca-Cola is now 76 shares.

I purchased some Coca-Cola stock earlier in december 2013, where I talked a bit about the company.

Coca-Cola is the first stock that comes to mind when someone asks me what a good dividend growth stock is. It is a must have for every dividend growth investor in my opinion.

I found a fun article a while back. Charlie munger is explaining Coca-cola's strategy how to become a 2 Trillion dollar company in 150 years. A very good read.


Thanks for reading.


  1. Very nice purchase, love this company!

    This my first time stopping by your site, and I must say that I've very impressed. A portfolio like that is most impressive for a 23 year old! Just keep at it and you'll have a nice life for yourself. Take care!

    1. CI,

      Welcome my blog. Thanks, I certainly am grateful to be in the position where I am at this young age. I'll keep building my portfolio in my 20's and 30's, it will reward me with great dividends in the future, literally!

      Take care.

  2. ED,

    Very nice buy. I'm all over Coca-Cola right now. Recently picked some up and anxious for more!

    Enjoy those dividends. :)

    Best wishes.

    1. Yeah, KO is a great company, a real buy and hold forever candidate.

      Take care.