Friday, December 13, 2013

Recent Dividend Increases

The main focus of my portfolio is to purchase stocks that raise their dividends in the future. The stream of dividend will grow over time due to reinvested dividends, investing fresh capital and companies raising their dividend. This week three of my companies raised their distributions to their loyal shareholders.

AT&T (T) - Announced that its board of Directors voted to increase AT&T's s regular quarterly dividend by 2.2% to $0.46 per common share versus the previous rate of $0.45 per common share.

General Electric (GE) - Announced a 16% dividend hike. The Board of Directors agreed to raise the company's quarterly dividend to $0.22 per common share up from $0.19 a share.

Mastercard Inc (MA) - Announced on Tuesday that its Board of Directors declared a quarterly dividend of $1.10 per share, reflecting a $0.50 or whopping 83% raise over the previous quarter. On top of that, the Board of Directors also approved a new share repurchase program of $3.5 billion in share repurchases. This buyback program will kick in once the $514M remaining on an existing $2B authorization is used up.
With shares trading almost at $800 a share the company announced a 10:1 stock split. For every 1 share of MA I hold, I'll receive 9 extra. The dividend post split will be $0.11 dollar per quarter.

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