Monday, September 30, 2013

Latest Sale: INTC

So, after Intel announced the same dividend for the 6th time in a row I decided to sell my shares. I discussed Intel in this post.

For me, the future is too blurry for Intel. They've missed the Phone market. PC sales are contracting. Future cash flows are hard to predict for me, therefore it is hard to know if the stock is cheap, expensive or fairly valued. I decided to sell and find a better use with the capital.

I sold my 50 Shares for $23.00. I originally purchased them on May 22, 2012 for $26.10. I got $1.125 of dividends in those 16 months. A loss of $1.975 per share or about 7.6%.

This sale reduces my annual dividend with $45.00

I haven't decided what I'm gonna buy yet, XOM, CVX, WMT, Nestle, DPS all seem reasonable at the moment.

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