Thursday, March 28, 2013

Latest buy: MSFT

Work. Save. Buy quality stocks that throw off ever growing amounts of cash. When I'm buying an investment, I'm buying additional household income. Then wash, rinse, repeat. The cycle becomes self reinforcing. Today, I bought some more additional household income.

Today's buy:

  • 53 shares of Microsoft Corporation. (MSFT) @ $28.48

This purchase will add $48.76 to my annual dividend income.

Everybody knows Microsoft the technology giant. Microsoft has raised its dividend for 10 years in a row. I'm pretty sure management is planning to continue doing that. Chuck Carnevale did a good review on the stock, you can read it here. It shows how incredebly overpriced the stock was in 2000, valuations today make a lot more sense.

I've been watching it since January, but decided to buy other stocks, mainly in the Financial sector (AFL, WFC, MA and WMT). I kinda wish I pulled the trigger a little bit sooner, but I'm happy with today's price too.

Thanks for reading.

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