Sunday, March 24, 2013

I'm such a cliche right now

If you would walk into the door right now, you would burst into laughter at the absurdity. Here its 3 a.m. I'm sitting at my desk, reviewing the annual report of the Royal Canadian Bank  and Royal Dutch Shell, thinking about investments, about compounding my wealth, going over my own personal income numbers, drinking single malt scotch, all this while listening to Johan Sebastian Bach at full blast.

Imagine, you live in the year 1721, you never heard live music, you walk into a theatre and this is the first music you hear in your life! It would be so overwhelming, you would probably burst into tears.

It has so much instruments, so much layers, so much details, I've been listening to this piece for hours now on repeat, I still have the feeling I'm hearing new music every time. But that's just me. Some people can stand this music, but I feel.... humbled by it. I now I'll never be able to create something like this, I'll never be able to write a great book, I'll never be able to create a great film, I'll never be able to create a great painting. I am truly humbled by some artists.

Back to investing,
I'm sitting on $1600 in investment-ready-cash, within a week I'll have about $7,000 coming in, what am I gonna do with it, what stock am I gonna buy?

I don't know, I was thinking about Microsoft, maybe some financials like WFC, USB or some Canadian Banks? What do you like right now?

Thanks for reading.

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