Saturday, November 2, 2013

October 2013 Dividend Income Update

In the month October I added to my DPS position. Phillips 66 (25%), Aflac (5.7%), Kinder Morgan Inc. (2.5%, 13.9% YOY) and Abbott Laboratories  (57.1%) announced a dividend hike. Things are going according to plan. I have enough money for one purchase. I'm not sure what I'm gonna buy yet, but it's probably going to be an oil major.

Here's the dividend update for October 2013:

Dividends Received

  • DPS: $12.54
  • MO: $16.80
  • PM: $33.84
  • GE: $12.54
Total dividend income for October: $75.72

My 2013 goal is $1000, so far I'm 83.74% of the way there, my progress is tracked here. I just need $162.59 in the next two months to reach my goal.

I'm 100% sure I will meet this goal and already thinking about setting a goal for 2014. Last month I was thinking about  about $1500 in dividends for 2014, but I'm thinking I could do more.

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  1. Great job! This year my goal was also to make $1000 in dividends and like you I'm pondering what to do for next year. Good luck to both of us!

    1. The Kechi One,

      Thanks for the kind words, good luck with your goal!

      Take care

  2. Love reading about people hitting their goals.
    Are you sure though that you will hit your year goal? You'll need to average more then you made this month. Though quarterly dividends are a funny thing in that you can have good months and bad months.

    1. Pulling Myself Up,
      I'm very confident I will hit my goal. December tends to be a big month for me, almost half of my positions will pay out then, I'm expecting at least $120 in that month. You are right on the money about quarterly dividends, you have big months and small months, this month was actually a smaller month for me.

      Thanks for stopping by

  3. Exponential Dividends,

    You are doing a great job and will hit your goal this year! I'm looking forward to making a goal next year as well. How is Accounting going? I'm a Finance major, but taking a Managerial Accounting class right now.