Monday, April 22, 2013

My blog hit 1,000 visitors since installing the Globe Tracker!

I'd like to take a moment to thank you. Today my blog hit its 1,000th visitor. That's not pageviews, but individuals who take time out of their day to read about whatever I write.

I started this blog for two reasons:

  • To track my progress, so I can read it years from now to see how I started out investing.
  • Just a place to put some thoughts, what ever is on my mind. Sometimes I'm just staring out of the window, thinking, I really want to make a habit to put those thoughts on paper. Again, so I can read them years from now, to see what I was thinking. 
When people find it interesting to read what I have to say, that's just an extra! I know that there are some blogs out there from other investors who have hundreds of thousands of views, but for me, 1,000 people is still a lot! It's awesome that people from America, Europe, Asia, Australia and all corners from the world read this. Fifteen years ago that would be unthinkable. All hail technology!

Thanks for reading.

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